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Baked Eggplant

My initial idea for this recipe was to cut eggplant into length-wise slices and bake them, then coat them with a thick layer of ricotta cheese mixed with garlic, basil, sun-dried tomatoes and mozzarella, then roll them up tight, to … Continue reading

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Easter Tradition with a Twist: Classic vs. White Lasagne

While at the grocer’s the other day, I was feeling down about the kids being on their own and not having them here to dye Easter eggs with.  (During their teen years, I would dye all but two and the kids would each do one obligatory egg for mama).  My spirit perked up … Continue reading

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Ricotta Calzones

Last week, Mr. Cheese had a hankering for a good old fashioned calzone.  In keeping with my love affair with Cook’s Illustrated, we dug out the Italian Favorites issue and promptly went to work.  While I do love the theory behind … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Carbonara or The Importance of Fresh Stuff

To date, this is the most mediocre dish I have cooked.  Ever.  Not horrible, not spectacular.  Just good.  Different.  In my research, I learned that spaghetti carbonara  was named for Italian ‘charcoal makers’ or coal miners, perhaps for the way it … Continue reading

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It’s Italian Week on Tossing the Swiss!

In the interest of honoring the tomato, though my tomato crops were awful this year, and since I am craving all-things-italian, I have dubbed this week Italian Week, here at ‘The Swiss’.   I will start with my go-to red sauce which … Continue reading

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Eat with the Seasons

Although a good variety of fruits and vegetables are available throughout the year, they do have peak times or seasons when their flavor is at their absolute height.  Mr. Cheese and I are currently enjoying the edible fruits of our … Continue reading

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Aria is right, you have to taste it before you serve it

On tonight’s episode of The Next Food Network Star, Aria asks about her gratin, “how can you serve it if you don’t know how it tastes?!”  She’s absolutely right.  My Eggplant Debacle of 1996 is a great example of this.  Eagerly trying … Continue reading

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