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My Intro to Bulgogi & Kimbap

The deli in my office building changed ownership a couple of months ago.  Now, phrases like “we sold out” and “it’s unbelievable!” are increasingly heard around the building.  Recently I went to the deli for turkey on wheat and got back on the elevator with an amazing array … Continue reading

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Chinese Five Spice Shrimp & Chicken

As you may have guessed, Chinese Five Spice is not one spice, but exactly as it sounds – a mixture of five spices.  According to most any food authority you might consult, you will learn that it is comprised of five tastes:  … Continue reading

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‘Blind’ Jamaican Beef Patties

Ja Mon!  For those of you who think I am cooking beef patties that are specifically for blind people, get lost already!  The meaning of ‘blind’ in the recipe title is all about having an idea of what the beef patties … Continue reading

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Playing With Food: Steak Sambuca I

While Mr. Cheese and I are still on our ‘let’s eat less carby stuff’ kick, I am finding it difficult to come up with dinners that aren’t just the same old hat, like chicken (“we had that 2 days ago!”)  … Continue reading

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Short Rib Tacos (use your slow-cooker!)

While huffing it at the gym a couple weeks ago, I flipped the tv channel to (what else?) the Food Network and happened upon the middle of a show with Marchela Valladolid called Mexican Made Easy.  Who knew?!  When did this … Continue reading

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Holy Nuts, it’s Jicama Slaw!

I wanted to make jicama slaw last night from scratch, as a new recipe.  I thought it would be the perfect side to our crab cakes and corn on the cob, but my local grocer was out of the stuff and … Continue reading

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More Seasonal Cooking: Stuffed Peppers

In keeping with the theme of enjoying foods at their peak, here is another recipe using bell peppers.  To stay with the seasons, I use red peppers more so in the summer and early fall and I use green peppers the rest … Continue reading

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who doesn’t love meatballs, anyway? ok, besides vegetarians?

I brought some ‘beer balls’ to a potluck lunch at one of the offices the other day.  I knew we’d have some Islamic folks who could not eat the combo pork and beef meatballs, so I purposely included some all … Continue reading

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