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Shrimp Scampi (or Oh Baby, It’s Umami!)

Most of us know that when we eat, we can pin-point the flavors as being salty, sweet, sour or bitter.  Not many people know that foods such as shell-fish, tomatoes, meat, cheese and even the humble potato have a flavor … Continue reading

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Yes, This Blog is Still Alive. (part II)

Where do I even start?  I have not cooked a solid meal at home in um, well, probably since Christmas.  I made lasagne.  Because I make it every year.  Because my grandma did and if I don’t, who will?  I … Continue reading

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Link Love for Foodies II

Although I am not much of a baker, I recently saw this website advertised in a magazine and decided to look it up.  They have a gazillion (ok, more like 30) kinds of cookie cutters ranging from the complete alphabet, to … Continue reading

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Link Love for Foodies

I am completely obsessed with flavor magazine.   It encompasses all sorts of articles and info for locavores along with area ‘to do’ listings, gorgeous photos and all sorts of food pornie stuff.  lovelovelove it!  For all you folks who love to go … Continue reading

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TV Unreview: I KNEW Aarti would win it!!

I knew Aarti was going to be The Next Food Network Star.  Told you.  I should have bet money on that one.  Damnit, that I didn’t!  What’s worse is that I recorded the show last night to devour at another time, not realizing … Continue reading

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TV Review: Iron Chef Jr. Goes Porkie

Bacon steak, folks?  Really?  When I first realized the finalists on last night’s episode of The Next Food Network Star were going to be challengers on the Iron Chef, I grew excited, sat up in my chair and paid even closer attention than … Continue reading

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TV Review – Master Chef with Gordon Ramsey

Not sure yet how I feel about the new show Master Chef on Fox 5, featuring chef Gordon Ramsey. Sort of an American Idol for foodies. I start watching the show and comment to Mr. Cheese how I wish I’d … Continue reading

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