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Skin On or Skin Off? Salmon Revisited

While writing the previous post, it didn’t dawn on me to mention the salmon skin.  For years I took painstaking measures to peel that bad boy right off the flesh.  Come to think of it, the restaurants I cooked in … Continue reading

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Keeping it Simple: Salmon & Creamy Mustard Sauce

One of the quickest, easiest go-to dinners for us on a busy evening, is salmon.  It takes seconds to brush a thick piece down with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and pop it under the broiler on low, … Continue reading

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Fancy Pork & Beans or Pork Tenderloin over Pureed White Beans

It dawned on me halfway through making this dinner that Mr. Cheese and I were cooking a fancier take on good ole pork ‘n’ beans.  We were discussing what to eat for dinner and I already planned on pureeing some white beans … Continue reading

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Lemonheads! Save Dough & Make Your Own Lemon Pound Cake.

I originally began research to make my own lemon pound cake from scratch, for my son, Soldier Cheese.  He surprised us all and enlisted in the United States Army during his senior year of high school, so I knew he would … Continue reading

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Does This Calzone Make My Ass Look Big?

My dietary intake has been horrendous, lately.   Not with food that tastes horrible, but with amazing food that is horrible for the waistline.  Friday I skipped eating altogether until about mid-afternoon at Maggiano’s, where I attended a ‘ladies lunch’.  A … Continue reading

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Link Love for Foodies

I am completely obsessed with flavor magazine.   It encompasses all sorts of articles and info for locavores along with area ‘to do’ listings, gorgeous photos and all sorts of food pornie stuff.  lovelovelove it!  For all you folks who love to go … Continue reading

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Make Mine Parmesan. Chicken, That Is!

With the evenings getting chillier, the cold salads and sandwiches have gone by the wayside and Mr. Cheese and I are both craving soups and more traditional, comfy foods.   The temperatures are creeping into the 50s during night-time hours and chicken parmesan is … Continue reading

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Get the Extinguisher! It’s Steak Au Poivre.

       Steak au poivre is one of Mr. Cheese’s favorites and the first time I made it, I was so impressed! Until that point I had only tasted it in restaurants and it always seemed like such a fancy dish. … Continue reading

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