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Holy Nuts, it’s Jicama Slaw!

I wanted to make jicama slaw last night from scratch, as a new recipe.  I thought it would be the perfect side to our crab cakes and corn on the cob, but my local grocer was out of the stuff and … Continue reading

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My First (food) Memory

My earliest memory is of eating orange sherbet and thinking of how sweet it is, but knowing that there is baby aspirin hidden in the sherbet. I guess my dad thought he could out smart me. I remember wondering if … Continue reading

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How to Make A Lot of Soups!

With the days getting shorter and the summer slowly coming to an end, I am starting to dream of all the yummy soups I will soon cook.  From scratch.  Don’t get me wrong, on a very busy day I can … Continue reading

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Spaghetti Carbonara or The Importance of Fresh Stuff

To date, this is the most mediocre dish I have cooked.  Ever.  Not horrible, not spectacular.  Just good.  Different.  In my research, I learned that spaghetti carbonara  was named for Italian ‘charcoal makers’ or coal miners, perhaps for the way it … Continue reading

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It’s Italian Week on Tossing the Swiss!

In the interest of honoring the tomato, though my tomato crops were awful this year, and since I am craving all-things-italian, I have dubbed this week Italian Week, here at ‘The Swiss’.   I will start with my go-to red sauce which … Continue reading

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Chicken Masala

Here is my (insanely good) variation of my buddy Prashanth’s dish and Aarti’s South of the Border Prawn Masala, sans prawns.  I was impressed when Prashanth, who did not concern himself with specific measurements, just rattled off the ingredients to me … Continue reading

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homemade masala – not so much garam

Mr. Cheese and I headed out to hunt for and gather the needed spices for the masala and found no such luck at the local grocer’s.  One small jar of cardamom seeds displayed a hefty price of $13.99, so we … Continue reading

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TV Unreview: I KNEW Aarti would win it!!

I knew Aarti was going to be The Next Food Network Star.  Told you.  I should have bet money on that one.  Damnit, that I didn’t!  What’s worse is that I recorded the show last night to devour at another time, not realizing … Continue reading

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To Masala or Not to Masala

My buddy and I were chatting at the office yesterday and he asked what I would cook over the weekend.  I am trying out Aarti‘s Masala recipe on Sunday, for my husband’s return from his business trip.  So my buddy, who is from … Continue reading

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More Seasonal Cooking: Stuffed Peppers

In keeping with the theme of enjoying foods at their peak, here is another recipe using bell peppers.  To stay with the seasons, I use red peppers more so in the summer and early fall and I use green peppers the rest … Continue reading

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