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who doesn’t love meatballs, anyway? ok, besides vegetarians?

I brought some ‘beer balls’ to a potluck lunch at one of the offices the other day.  I knew we’d have some Islamic folks who could not eat the combo pork and beef meatballs, so I purposely included some all … Continue reading

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TV Review – Master Chef with Gordon Ramsey

Not sure yet how I feel about the new show Master Chef on Fox 5, featuring chef Gordon Ramsey. Sort of an American Idol for foodies. I start watching the show and comment to Mr. Cheese how I wish I’d … Continue reading

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Ode to ‘Cukes & Zuchs’ at The Food Network

Hi Team!  Here is my contribution to the Summer Fest 2010 at The Food Network’s celebration of ‘Cukes & Zuchs”.  Several years ago I had a try at making carrot cake, then carrot loaf and just didn’t enjoy the outcome.  … Continue reading

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Corn, Vinegar and Beer, Oh My

Living on the east coast, we appreciate those summer days with no humidity, clear skies and low 80 degree temperatures.  We spent a recent Saturday driving west to Outofdodge and happened upon a little gas station.  Mr. Cheese went in to … Continue reading

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Winner, winner chicken dinner.

  Admit it, we all get tired of the same old stuff to eat.  Those old, stale recipes handed down from Grandma or Aunt Suzie.  Corn casserole, oven-fried chicken, you get the jist.  We were thinking of something tangy, but … Continue reading

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